A statement from Cochrane Epilepsy on COVID-19

As the spread and impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt internationally, we would like to update and offer reassurance to our contributors during this time.

We are aware that our review author teams may be experiencing a time of transition into working from home and adapting to conditions that have been implemented by their governments. Due to the often voluntary nature of working on a Cochrane review, we are aware that restrictions may not make keeping to timeframes feasible.

Although staff at the editorial base are taking steps to ensure that we are working as normal as possible, we want to reassure our contributors that we are aware of the impact that COVID-19 may be having on your lives and we will be flexible in our expectations as a result.  Please also note that we may take longer than usual to get back to you, please bear with us.

We hope that all of our contributors and readers stay safe during this time.

Further information on Cochrane’s response to COVID-19 can be found on the Cochrane Community website.

Cochrane have also produced two Special Collections on COVID-19, bringing together the evidence on infection control and prevention measures and evidence relevant to critical care respectively.