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To register a title with the group, all potential review authors are required to complete a title registration form and email it to:

The title is evaluated against the following criteria: the proposed topic of the review fits within the scope of the Epilepsy group; the review is feasible within the proposed timescale; target dates for completion are outlined and a contact person has been identified to take responsibility for the review.

Once the group has accepted the title, it is then registered with the Epilepsy group and all other Cochrane groups and centres are notified.

Ideally all review authors should attend workshops to gain advice on how to write a Cochrane Systematic Review and learn how to use the Cochrane software (RevMan). Details of dates and workshop locations can be obtained from the editorial base. However, since attendance at workshops is not always possible, we have put together a list of links to several resources which will help you with any issues you may have whilst writing your review.  

Training - face-to-face

Contact Cochrane Centres or Review Groups about local workshops and courses in review production. Some of these events are listed on the Cochrane workshops page.

Training - online

  • Open Learning Materials - learn the steps in convenient online modules which supplement the Cochrane Reviewers' Handbook in helping you gain skills and complete your review.

Training resources provided by other organizations: