Scope of our work

Scope of our work

The focus of Cochrane Epilepsy is on reviews of Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) and Controlled Clinical Trials (CCTs) assessing the outcomes (including harm) of interventions designed to prevent and manage childhood and adulthood seizures and epilepsy.

In topics for which no RCTs or CCTs have been found, reviews may be undertaken using observational data. Such reviews are methodologically challenging and may be more susceptible to bias than reviews based on RCTs.

In addition, Cochrane Epilepsy supports reviews on narcolepsy (as an orphan topic).

To avoid potential duplication and to foster collaboration, Cochrane Epilepsy liaises with the following Cochrane Review groups that have the potential to overlap in their scope.

Developmental, psychosocial and learning problems.
Drugs & alcohol.
Pregnancy & childbirth (we have agreed with Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth group that Cochrane Epilepsy has responsibility for reviews about epilepsy in pregnancy).