Topic prioritisation

About our topic prioritisation:

The Cochrane Epilepsy Group have been awarded funding to produce some new and some updated systematic reviews on epilepsy.

We are running a focused topic prioritisation activity to help us decide on important topics for new and updated systematic reviews. We will use a short online (print on request) survey to collect views on a short list of systematic reviews to begin or update as well as suggestions for other topics for systematic reviews (in addition to the short list). The survey will also ask for key reasons why you think topics are important.

The method is similar (but much less detailed) to James Lind Alliance approaches. We have also searched for reports of other prioritisation exercises to help inform the process and avoid duplication of effort.

Systematic reviews bring together the evidence from existing studies (such as controlled trials comparing different care for people with a health condition) relating to a specific research question in order to inform decisions about peoples’ health. No new studies with people will be started in this research. The reviews will use  Cochrane Collaboration methods – recognised worldwide as providing, ‘Trusted evidence. Informed decisions. Better Health.’.

The systematic reviews will be funded by an NIHR Programme grant (NIHR 16/114/26). We want to make the best use of this funding by selecting topics that are important to people with experience of epilepsy.

We have a steering group involving stakeholder partners including Epilepsy Action, leads and managers of the Cochrane Epilepsy Group, NHS Clinical Reference Group for Neurology and researchers with expertise in systematic reviews. Crowe Associates have advised us during the development of our survey.

We will publish a brief report of the survey results and our steering group’s consideration of priorities for new and update systematic reviews. We will ensure no individual respondent can be identified in the report.

Our survey is now closed.  Thank you to all those people who completed the survey, we are delighted to have received 669 responses.  These will guide our strategy for completing new and updated reviews.  Once we have collated the reponses, we will update this webpage with the results.