Peer Review for Cochrane protocols, reviews and review updates

The Cochrane Epilepsy Group's Managing Editor, in collaboration with the Editorial Assistant, is responsible for managing the peer review process, which is overseen by the Coordinating Editor.

All Cochrane Protocols and Reviews are peer reviewed before publication. We invite a specialist in the topic area, such as a clinician or an expert in the particular field, a statistician and/or methodologist, and a consumer (healthcare service user) in accordance with Cochrane peer review policy.

The decision whether or not an update is to be peer-reviewed is dependent on the review contect, newly included studies and the conclusions of that review.

External reviewers are provided with the protocol or review as well as a checklist in which to provide their feedback. We ask peer reviewers to return their feedback within 21 days.

For information regarding the peer-review policies of Diagnostic test accuracy (DTA) reviews, editorials and supplements please see the Cochrane peer review policy.

If you would like to be an external reviewer for one of our protocols or reviews you can contact the Editorial team using our Contact us page

All peer-reviewers will be acknowledged in the published review as well as being listed on our website on Our Contributors page.

From January 2019 Cochrane has adopted an open peer review process whereby authors and peer reviewers will know each other’s identities during the peer review process.

For information regarding our policy on Conflict of interests please us the link below